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About us

“Bitcoin's a Revolution, Not a Convenience Not carrying cash is a perk of Bitcoin, not its purpose ”[Salyer, Kirsten In Bloomberg View Magazine Jun 5th 2013]
Yet, even though there would certainly be a convenience from Bitcoin, the trading of it still remains inconvenient for you
BTC Korea co improves every inconvenience from previous Bitcoin trade markets, to serve YOU only with the best of
  • Best Price

    BTC Korea co takes the lowest commission among every Bitcoin Trader in domestic market, for you to trade your priceless coins with the highest price options
  • High Security/Availability

    BTC Korea co protects your esteemed assets, backed by trade data anti-forgery, high-protective SMS verification, high-adaptive data encryption, year-round round-the-clock server security control system, and even more
  • High Speed

    BTC Korea co offers you the stable real-time trading system The system guarantees you easily put in or out your money via your unique virtual account, or trade cryptocurrencies always in real-time
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